57789 Blue Confetti Dots [Bubbles Balloon] (24")
Brand Qualatex
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Inflation Tips

  • Once the package is opened, Bubbles must be inflated immediately or they’ll dry out. Discard the moisture pack after inflation.
  • Do NOT use a foil (auto shut-off regulator to inflate Single Bubbles, the outer bubbles of Double Bubbles, or Deco Bubbles; if you do, the foil regulator will shut off too soon and your Bubble will look more like a foil balloon. ONLY use latex regulators on these Bubbles, and keep inflating until the wrinkles and bumps are gone.
  • When using helium, inflate the Deco Bubble as well as ALL balloons inside the Deco Bubble with helium. When using air, inflate ALL balloons with air.
  • Do not use HI-FLOAT® products or Balloon Shine™ on Bubbles or latex balloons inside Bubbles.
  • Bubbles are pop resistant, but not pop proof. They can withstand outside pressure changes. However, exposing them to extreme heat or sharp objects may cause them to burst. A 160Q or 260Q latex balloon may be tied to the Bubble’s neck to secure it into a decor piece,such as a Column.

Helium Guidelines

  • Over inflating or under inflating Bubbles can decrease float times, so follow package instructions to inflate properly and achieve the best float times.
  • Actual flying times will also depend on temperature and atmospheric conditions.
  • Deco Bubble float times will vary if other types of balloons are placed inside.
  • The average number of Bubble Balloons inflated with a 242 cu.ft. tank is 250 for 22" Single balloons and 200 for 24" Double balloons. The average number of Deco Bubble Balloons inflated with a 242 cu. ft. tank is dependent on the number and size of latex balloons used inside the Deco Bubble.
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